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About Us

Company founded in 2020, and soon started its current core business, dedicating itself to hosting and Internet servers.

We intend to be your partner, contributing to an added value of your business supported by new technologies and competing effectively in the new global market, establishing for that to happen in a natural way the difference in the quality of the services provided.

We believe in providing a high level technical and professional service, based on the experience and knowledge accumulated throughout our activity, being aware of our responsibility in supporting the development of an ever increasing demand of the business market.

All the experience acquired during these years, is now, in 2020, passed to falconost.com, which contributes to an added value for our customers in new technologies and in the process of transforming local businesses into global businesses.

Data Center Location


Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Data Centers: 1
Established: 2014
Zones: 1
Providers: Level 3, Cogent
Capacity: 10,000 Servers

About falconost.com

Our main goal is to provide high-speed, reliable, and fully managed web hosting services to individuals and small businesses that are easy and affordable, regardless of the size of your website, with our top-quality customer service and support.