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Do I Really Need a Business Website? Know Why the Answer is Yes!

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Without any doubt, the answer is YES, there has been no better or important time to invest in a business website than now.

Even if you are not selling anything, but investing in a business website will prove highly beneficial in a long term

One question that is often asked by many is:

“I have a small business, hardly three to four employees, we do not sell anything on the internet. Do I still need a website?” 

Answer is YES!

If you own a business, no matter small or medium, you need to have a website. And if you do not have one, you might lose your business to your competitor who has one.

Never come to a quick conclusion that a website will not help you. Billions of shoppers today prefer World Wide Web, buying everything from a pen to house to natural gas. Though you are still thinking about having one, someone might have already figured it out and have started using it.

Coming to our question, “do I really need a website, and how it will help me convert them into real buyers? To help you understand better, we have listed a few reasons that will make things clear for you.

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1. A Website Makes Your Business Look Professional

Today 84% of consumers think that a website makes any business credible compared to those that have just social media accounts. Having a website helps to display the professional certifications and awards that your business has achieved.

Besides, having your website allows you to create your branded email address that further adds professionalism to your correspondence, particularly if you are using your personal email for conducting business till now.

2. A Website Attracts New Customers And Helps You Make Money

Coming to the stats: 81% of consumers research a product and service online before making their final purchase decision. And if you do not have a website, there are no chances of capturing this market.

A website will be available 24 by 7 even while you are sleeping. Your website acts as an “always-on” business even during or outside the working hours.

A website helps to convert your current referrals, as many consumers prefer doing their research and follow you against other businesses.

3. A Website Helps to Build Credibility Online

If you are looking for ways to convince your consumers to purchase, then first impressions play an essential role. 57% of people will not recommend a business website that is poorly designed. You heard it right, consumers will judge your business based on your website appearance online.

Investing in a professionally designed and simple-to-use website will help you to easily convey to your potential customers about your reputable business if they wish to do business with you.

4. A Website Makes You Discoverable in the Search Engine Results

People do not just surf the Internet for finding companies that they are looking to do business with; specifically, they are visiting search engines like Google. 93% of experiences begin with the search engine. And half of the searches come for the local businesses.

Thus, it is important to have a search-optimized website that will rank really well in the search engine results. It will ensure consumers can find and connect your business with.

5. A Business Website is Easily Available

It is another major reason why you need a business website. When a consumer thinks of buying a product and service online, they generally prefer an easily available business that can be reached all time.

Now, when engaging with any business, 63% of the customers make use of the company’s official business website

The primary reason is that the website helps them to find everything about you and your business, like services you offer, products you sell, your contact details, and more. 

An official website helps you make available for your consumers 24 by 7. Hence, they will be able to reach you anytime in a day or night.

Thus, it gives you a reason why you must invest in a customized website. Consumers can easily find and reach you and purchase your products and services. You can also keep the track of your consumers on the website.

6. A Website Isn’t Hard or Expensive As Many Think

You do not have to be technology savvy to design a professional-looking website. Several web development firms have simple signup methods that make this process fast and painless.

It is cost-effective. A website provides a better ROI than other type of advertising methods. If you plan to market your online business, then a website must be on your top priority list.

With time the low investment to design a business website may pay dividends just by driving you many new customers and grow your brand. Also, it is a legitimate expense & tax writes off.

So, now you know WHY

You might have by now realized that this question is not “do I really need a business website”, but “will I afford not having a business website in today’s digital era”. Answer is NO. A website is the best investment that any business will make to thrive in success.

 I hope these 5 simple reasons have cleared all your doubts about creating a professional-looking website. If you do not have a basic website then you are missing out on the huge opportunity of increasing your good reputation online. 

 The earlier you create, the higher customers can trust your business. It is an inexpensive and simple method of increasing your revenue, improve your business credibility and find your place in this industry.